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Ross Schimke, Branch Organiser, Southern District

Ross Schimke was born in the Lockyer Valley, Queensland in 1965.

Ross started in QR as a ‘flying gang’ labourer and continued to work for Infrastructure Services Group for 18 years.

One of Ross’s most enjoyable jobs in QR was to work as a Project Officer in Brisbane where he was involved in the implementation of workplace competencies, assessments and training for Infrastructure workers.

Ross has been a member of the RTBU now for over 24 years in which he has been an active delegate and has performed as a relief Organiser 'on and off' for 11 years. He has now been a full-time Organiser for the past 3 years and also holds the position of RTBU Assistant National Secretary for Infrastructure.

Ross has a passion for helping people and gets great satisfaction from improving conditions and wages.