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Update #3: 2018 Commonwealth Games Leave Issue - QR CityTrain Member Newsletter 7/9/17
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2018 Commonwealth Games Leave Issue - QR Citytrain Member Newsletter 5/9/17
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Park Road Traincrew Facilities - The RTBU and senior management met at Park Road today to inspect the facilities that Queensland Rail proposed to utilise from Monday, 21 October 2013.
January News (11/1/2013) - Guard to Driver progression; TMIO & DIC rosters
Nominations for Vacant Positions (8/1/2013) - Mayne Traincrew Committee calls for nominations
Committee Executive Meeting (4/1/2013) - At a meeting of the New Mayne Traincrew Committee Executive held yesterday 3rd January 2013, a motion was put to
increase the size and structure of the Executive.


September Newsletter 2012 - Full-time Guards to full-time Drivers; Reduced hours Traincrew to full-time; Issues under discussion;