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$50 Special - Update

30 August 2012

You will recall on the 13th August we advised you we had an issue brought to our attention through the release of a memo to staff at Jilalan, that it was QRNs intention that if staff members fail to sign off, submit a medical certificate on time, submit it at the wrong location or submit incorrect leave applications, they would have to pay a fee to get their wages/ salary paid to them in a special pay. We were advised that this fee is $50.

Following this newsletter and a dispute notice being issued upon QRN, a response has been received that in fact it was not QRNs intention to charge employees this money and the charge was misinterpreted from what was to be an internal charge only.

As a result of your union urgently raising this information with QRN the matter has been satisfactorily resolved.

It is timely to remind members that it is important to check your fortnightly pay dockets to ensure you are paid correctly as many members report that they find underpayment when doing so.

It is also important that issues such as this are brought to the Unionís attention in order that they can be addressed appropriately.

Owen Doogan,
Branch Secretary