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LNP Attack Worker's Conditions

Members are no doubt aware of the significant attack on public service workers’ conditions by the Newman Government over the last few weeks.

Job security has been diminished significantly by the legislative changes affecting State Government’s direct employees, which provide for the removal of no forced redundancy clauses and other job security and consultative provisions in the State Agreements.

However, members should appreciate that whether they are private sector or employed by Queensland Rail in the public sector, they are not impacted by the State Legislation.

All RTBU Rail Agreements are Federal Agreements, therefore under the authority of the Federal Government’s Fair Work Australia legislation and not the Queensland Government’s legislation. The State Government does not have the power to impose legislative changes on Federal Industrial Agreements.

This means that RTBU members in both the private and public sector of the Rail industry do not have any changes to their conditions as a result of the State Government’s legislation.

The RTBU naturally strongly condemns the Newman Government’s breach of promises to Queensland Public Servants made prior to the election that public servants should not be concerned about their job security under a LNP Government , just as we condemned in no uncertain terms the Bligh Government’s hidden “sale of asset” plans announced shortly after the previous election. The Newman Government should take note that the Bligh Government coped the wrath of the people of Queensland over that deception.

Owen Doogan
Branch Secretary
Rail, Tram and Bus Union