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Qld Government Announces over 500 Jobs to go

11 September 2012

The Queensland Government has today announced over 500 jobs to go in Queensland Rail. There has been absolutely no consultation with Unions about these redundancies and at this point the RTBU has only been provided with a very shallow briefing on exactly how QR will cut almost 8% from its workforce.

The RTBU are totally opposed to such massive job cuts in Queensland Rail and will be mounting a significant campaign in support of our members ongoing job security.

I am sure Queensland Rail members will at this point appreciate the importance of the RTBU securing “No forced Redundancy” provisions in your Agreements as many members not wishing a redundancy pay out may have been subject to their employment being axed if this was not there.

The RTBU members, although employed indirectly by the Queensland Government, are not covered by Queensland State legislation in respect of your industrial conditions, including job security provisions. Your Agreement is registered under the Federal Fair Work Australia legislation.

This prevents the Queensland Government’s undemocratic, unilateral removal of no forced redundancy, consultation requirements and contracting out consultation suffered by other public sector workers covered by State legislation over the last few weeks.

The RTBU met with QR Management late this afternoon but were provided with little detail apart from indicating that the 45 senior manager positions to be removed would be finalised by the end of the month.

The RTBU understands that the proposed redundancies will occur during this financial year. As the proposed positions to be subject to redundancy are identified, the RTBU will be in a better position to determine a position in respect of the protection of members’ jobs as this Union believes the proposed job cuts numbers to be unrealistic.

However, Queensland Rail will be developing a voluntary redundancy process, and will be consulting with the Unions on this and other aspects of their proposals commencing on Monday of next week.

The Union will provide more information on these proposals in the very near future.

In the meantime, we encourage members to attend the rallies around the State against the Government’s massive job slashing campaign. Details can be found at

Stand for Queensland

Owen Doogan
Branch Secretary