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QRN Members on Medical Restrictions

17 July 2012

The RTBU was concerned that members who have common law or workcover claims could be disadvantaged if they applied for voluntary redundancy. This is also the case if you have had an injury and as a result may be contemplating submitting a claim in respect of that injury in the future. For that reason, this Union sought advice about the implications, from our lawyers (Maurice Blackburn), for members in such circumstances. The advice from the RTBU’s lawyers is that it is critical that members considering Voluntary Redundancy speak with their legal advisor before they express an interest or as soon as possible thereafter if an interest has been expressed.
Our legal advisors indicated that members who fell into the following categories should seek immediate advice from their legal representative who is already pursuing a case for them or, if not legally represented take advice from our solicitors.

Any member with a current statutory workers compensation claim, irrespective of whether they are absent from work at the present time (they may have an open claim but only for medical and like expenses)
Any member who has had a previous claim or claims of a statutory nature, even if that claim is finalised. It may be that a member in this category has potential common law rights of which they are unaware
Any member with a current common law claim
Any member with a foreshadowed common law claim (for example, awaiting stabilisation of injury before proceeding)

Members are no doubt aware that the first interview with our solicitors (Maurice Blackburn) is free of charge for financial members of the RTBU. Contact the RTBU State or Regional office if you wish to access this service.
If any financial member wishes a copy of the relevant legal advice provided to the RTBU in this respect they should contact our State Office.

Owen Doogan
Branch Secretary