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Progress in Addressing QR's Inappropriate use of PIP Process

The RTBU is pleased to advise that significant progress has been achieved in addressing the above issue

Earlier this month the RTBU sought discussions with QR Senior Management about QRís recent use of performance improvement plans (PIPs) to manage employee personal/ carerís leave (sick leave) usage.

This occurred only after the RTBU had attempted to address this with the management involved in utilising this process in what the RTBU considered an inappropriate manner.

The RTBU had presented a number of arguments against this practise including pointing out that performance management is a tool that an employer uses to manage people who are perceived to be performing their set duties below standard and not for the purposes of improving attendance.

Today RTBU officials met with senior HR and IR management in relation to the use of PIPs, to deal with excessive or pattern-forming absenteeism. I am pleased to advise that senior management indicated that they appreciated our concern and appeared to accept that some inappropriate use of the PIP system in relation to sick leave had occurred. It is now their intention to investigate this matter and deal with it where necessary.

Recognising the need for HR to investigate this matter, the RTBU appreciates that there may be a short time before our issues are fully addressed and therefore seek members who have been affected to note this and await progress to occur. However, we do ask, of course, that those of you who are affected by these PIPs advise us if your situation has not been addressed within a fortnight so that we can follow this up for you.

Also, it is vital at this time that delegates be particularly vigilant in reporting these matters directly to us so we can ensure that the correct processes are being used.

Owen Doogan
Branch Secretary