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QR VER Program - Update

9 November 2012

The RTBU yesterday attended a meeting with Queensland Rail HR management to further discuss the VER programme that is currently being conducted within Queensland Rail. This meeting was sought by the RTBU to raise concerns we had in relation to lack of consultation with affected employees as it had become apparent that Queensland Rail was not meeting their obligation to consult, as is the requirement under the work place agreements.

This consultation process needs to involve affected employees that are staying in the workplace to ensure that they will be safe and that where there are reductions in staff numbers those who remain do not suffer unreasonable work intensification.

The RTBUís view from the outset was the job cuts that Queensland Rail where pursuing based on the number of 545 put by the Campbell Newman LNP Government, was unrealistic and this has certainly proven to be the case.

Queensland Railís position is that to achieve these numbers they are prepared to forgo work that is traditionally done by Queensland Rail employees and that could be by way of no longer performing the task or in fact contracting out jobs.

The RTBU is totally opposed to contracting out Queensland Rail jobs and the deliberate gutting of the enabling and support functions that are required to maintain a safe and reliable service to the Queensland public.

The RTBU is currently waiting on a significant amount of additional information that was requested at yesterdayís meeting and will be meeting with Queensland Rail early next week to discuss this further.

The RTBU is far from satisfied with Queensland Railís obvious disregard of their obligations and we will maintain pressure to ensure that Queensland Rail in fact meet all their obligations.

The Union will provide more information on these matters.

In the meantime we encourage members to support the campaign against the Governmentís massive job slashing. Details can be found at

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