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QRN Charge $50 fee to run special pay

13 August 2012

We have recently had an issue brought to our attention through the release of a memo to staff at Jilalan. It seems that staff members who fail to sign off, submit a medical certificate on time, submit it at the wrong location, or submit incorrect leave applications will have to pay a fee to get their wages/ salary paid to them. Why? Because Payroll now ‘charge a fee’ to run a special pay. We have been advised that this fee is $50.

Essentially this means that if you make a mistake, you have to pay $50 to get paid before the next fortnightly pay run. We think this is disgusting conduct on the part of QR National.

This $50 may well be charged to the business group by payroll but the money does not leave the company. In other words, QR National gets to make $50 off YOU!

Obviously we are not going to sit by and simply allow this to occur and will be asking QR National whether they will be implementing a reciprocal policy whereby they pay YOU an additional $50 every time they make an underpayment mistake.

Alternatively, we’ll be happy if they just do away with the policy all together.
Stay tuned on this one. We will let you know the outcome.

Owen Doogan
Branch Secretary