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State Government reviewing Workers Comp

As some of you may be aware, the State Government is currently reviewing the existing Workers’ Compensation legislation.

Workers’ compensation in Queensland is the best compensation scheme in the country. It costs the State Government nothing and it adequately covers employees who are injured in the course of their duties.

Some of the great aspects of the current scheme are:

It covers all employees
More than 98% of injured workers return to work
Employers pay low premiums
You are covered for journeys to and from work
Workers can take negligent employers to court to pursue damages.

We don’t want to see the scheme touched by the current Government. As you are all aware, the Newman Government has slashed jobs in the public sector and cut community services. Don’t let this happen to our Workers’ Compensation scheme as well.

The RTBU is asking that you sign this e-petition in support of keeping the current arrangements in place and not removing or watering down the rights of injured workers.

Go to the Workers Compensation E-Petition

This petition is part of the wider Stand for Queensland campaign designed to build a better state for everyone.

You can find out more about the campaign here:

Go to the Stand for Queensland campaign web site

Unity is Strength
Bruce Mackie
QLD State President and Central Division Organiser