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VER Programme Queensland Rail - Update

Members would be aware that the RTBU has sought a number of additional meetings with Queensland Rail to discuss further concerns in relation to the current VER programme that is presently being offered by Queensland Rail.

One particular issue that was expressed by members was the lack of consultation with employees and what impact this would have on employees who remain in Queensland Rail. At this point it has become quite evident that Queensland Rail were not following their obligation and consulting with affected employees and unions while advancing with the process of determining who they could let go from the organisation.

Queensland Rail have acknowledged that they have a requirement to consult with affected employees and are now taking steps to undergo consultation with their employees.

Your Union will be meeting with management over the coming days to discuss further concerns that we have in relation to business groups that have not effectively undertaken a consultation process with unions and employees.

We can also advise that senior industrial relations management from Queensland Rail have advised that Queensland Rial will be consulting with all affected employees working in the areas of Customer, Network and Operations and senior management will be involved in overseeing the consultation.

Members are reminded to contact your delegate or organiser if you have any concerns during this process. We will keep members informed as this matter progresses.

In the meantime we encourage members to support the campaign against the Government's massive job slashing. Details can be found at: