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Circular 31: Managing Surplus Positions Policy

It has recently come to our attention that QR National has been avoiding some obligations under their "managing surplus employees" standard.

What has happened as a result of the recent VR process is that a number of people have relocated to other centres as a result of their positions being declared surplus to requirements.

The RTBU's view is that under such a circumstance, an employee is entitled to be managed under the Managing Surplus Positions Standard that, amongst other things, entitles employees to an inconvenience payment equal to four weeks' wages or salary and reimbursement of any real estate agent fees that may be incurred on the sale of a property.

Some of our members have been advised that QR National is of the belief that they are not entitled to receive these benefits because they were not declared EITs before they were relocated.

The RTBU does not accept that this is a valid justification for avoiding this entitlement and we intend to take it up with senior QR National Management to seek a resolution to the dispute.

The Managing Surplus Positions standard very clearly states that it sets the standard for the management of surplus employees arising from organisational restructuring" and the RTBU intends to ensure that QR National complies with its obligations under the standard.

We ask that if you are a member who has been relocated and you have not received all of the benefits under the managing surplus positions document, that you let your local organiser know. We also ask that if you have been relocated and you have received these entitlements, that you let the state office know.

Owen Doogan
State Secretary
Queensland Branch