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Improvements in RTBU Health Plan (rt health fund)

The RTBU has had an arrangement with rt health fund to provide benefits to RTBU members that belong to rt health fund.

Those members who have taken the opportunity to register with the RTBU Health Plan have been entitled to what is known as “healthy dollars” which amounted to 5% of every dollar in contribution being set aside for future use should a member require funding in the case of things such as medical gap payments.

However, after discussions with rt health fund it has come to the attention that the vast majority of members were not using this benefit and therefore an alternative arrangement has now been secured.

From the 1st December 2012 all rt health fund members who register themselves on the RTBU health plan will receive a 5% reduction in their contributions. This is a positive benefit in that for some members it will amount to over $200 a year less in health funds (over and above the 10, 20 or 30% subsidy provided by the Government).

Current members of RTBU Health Fund will have to do nothing as the rt health fund will contact your financial institution if direct debit or if through payroll deductions, your employer, to ensure that your deduction is reduced by the appropriate amount.

Naturally, money has been set aside over the years under the “healthy dollars” plan and I’m pleased to say that during discussions with rthealth, it has now emerged that rt health fund are prepared to repay all members money in those funds. This payment will be made in early December to those people who registered themselves as members of the RTBU Health Plan.

If you are a member of rt health fund and would like to obtain the benefit of being a member of the RTBU Health Plan within the rt health fund please complete the attached form and fax, email or post it to the RTBU State Office.

If you are not a member of the rt health fund and are interested in joining in order to secure the benefits of the RTBU Health Plan, please complete the second section of the attached form.

Unity is Strength
Owen Doogan
State Secretary Queensland Branch

rthealth fund

Please download and complete this form and fax, email or post it to the RTBU State Office. - PDF 310 Kb