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Qld Rail Freeze on Recruitment

26 July 2012

The RTBU has had discussions with the Government in respect of the recruitment freeze currently being conducted by Queensland Rail.

Since the beginning of the month I have also been attempting to meet with the Chief Executive in respect of this matter but until now have had no definitive response from him. The Chief Executive has now found a space in his diary to meet with me next month in respect of what I consider a significantly important matter.

The RTBU is somewhat concerned that it appears that Queensland Rail does not consider the potential health & safety and well-being implications of this freeze to be of significant importance. The contempt for their employees in this respect is, to say the very least, disappointing.

The severity of the freeze in respect of employment within the Queensland Rail is of some concern to the RTBU and in discussions with representatives from Government the fundamentalist approach to this policy being enacted by Queensland Rail Management did not appear to be an expectation of Government, particularly in respect to day-to-day service delivery.

It appears that Queensland Rail is not filling positions at the end of fixed-term contracts which are putting the health & safety and wellbeing of our members at risk.

Queensland Rail has ceased providing information to the Union in respect to employment wherever they can avoid it and for this reason the RTBU seeks members to provide all the information they can to their Organisers or the RTBU State Office in respect of where positions are not being filled and/or where fixed-term contracts are coming to an end and employees are being terminated.

This does not only relate to RTBU members as the Union is interested in learning of every position that is currently not being filled by Queensland Rail as a result of this bizarre policy.

We would ask members not only to provide information in respect of positions not filled or terminated now and into the future, but also such scenarios that may have occurred since the freeze commenced at the beginning of the month.

When the RTBU eventually meets with the Chief Executive Officer in respect to the freeze in employment and the potential the cut in jobs I will ensure that a full report is provided to members.

Owen Doogan
Branch Secretary