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Medical Consent

4 March 2013

We often see a number of members being either required by their employer to attend a medical examination or having a request made of them by their employer to access their medical records to determine their fitness for work.

In some cases, we see employers who are self-insurers asking to access these records to determine employment-related matters, when there is a workers’ comp claim on-foot.

As an employee, it is difficult to determine how much information the employer is likely to get their hands on and the purpose for which the information is to be used. In most cases, employers’ consent forms are very broad and will allow the employer access to far more information than you’re willing to share. Once the information is gathered by your employer, there is often no restriction on how that information is shared between people in your workplace- including managers and supervisors. It’s also difficult to tell how they might use that information to your disadvantage either now or in the future.

A further problem we see is where the employer requires you to attend a medical practitioner for whatever reason and then the employer refuses to provide you with a copy of the report on the grounds that they have paid for it.

To combat these issues, the Union has put together a consent form for the use of our members that will enable you to provide your employer with access to medical information on very narrow grounds. Our form restricts access to an identifiable person or department and access to those records may not be granted to anyone else without your express written consent.

The form also provides your consent on the grounds that any report that is produced in relation to you, is to also be provided to you. There is also a space where you can provide an alternative person that you would like to receive a copy of the report, such as your Union or a trusted friend if you so desire.

If you are being asked to see a medical professional and you’re not comfortable about it, talk to your local delegate or organiser to get a copy of this form or contact the state office.

We can provide you the form in either written or electronic format for convenience of use.

If you have more specific concerns in relation to medical matters, please speak to your local delegate.

Unity is Strength

Owen Doogan
State Secretary
Queensland Branch