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Managing Surplus Positions Policy: Another reason it pays to belong to the RTBU

5 March 2013

Members may recall a series of recent circulars in respect of employees who volunteered to relocate as a result of the recent restructure in QRN/AURIZON, and how Aurizon refused to pay some allowances, as they maintained, due to the affected employee not being declared an EIT at the time.

The RTBU did not agree with Aurizonís interpretation of the agreement and proceeded to represent our members in the dispute settling process and represented our members in conciliation in the Fair Work Commission. Aurizon refused to concede the case and the RTBU were on the cusp of filing for a hearing in the Fair Work Commission when Aurizon contacted the RTBU and agreed to pay affected members their full entitlements on a one off basis.

This is a great outcome for our members who had been refused this significant entitlement by their employer. It is only with the help of their union that they will now receive payment.

Given the outcome of this matter the RTBU are left with no alternative but to advise members in future who may find their positions affected as a result of a restructure, NOT to volunteer to accept redeployment to another work area that will require a relocation of their residence until they have been made an EIT, this is not the desired outcome for this union nor is it good for the employer, but with Aurizonís position on this matter we are left with no alternative.

Any employees who may find themselves in an affected position are encouraged to seek advice from your union before agreeing to anything.

Unity is Strength

Bruce Mackie
QLD State President
Central Division Organiser