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Medical Consent Dispute

As you may be aware, the RTBU has produced a medical consent form which outlines the conditions under which a member agrees to release their medical information to Queensland Rail. Our forms have been produced with the following criteria, as we see these points as being the flaws with the current Queensland Rail consent form:

To restrict the amount of information that you release to Queensland Rail;
To restrict who has access to this information; and
To entitle you (and your representative where you choose) to have a copy of everything that Queensland Rail gets a copy of.

We have recently met with some opposition from Queensland Rail in relation to accepting these forms and it appears that their objection is based solely on your right to have a copy of your own medical information without having to go through a (potentially lengthy) Right To Information Act request. In effect, Queensland Rail is saying that they want to know medical information about you but they donít want that information to be supplied to you.

The RTBU does not think this is an acceptable stance and we have today instigated a Dispute in relation to this matter.

If you are being asked to complete a medical consent form for any reason, please continue to use the RTBU consent form and advise us immediately if you are told that this form is not acceptable. DO NOT sign the Queensland Rail provided medical consent as well. If you do, your rights to the above three things may be eroded.

We will keep you informed of how the dispute is going as it progresses.

Unit is Strength

Bruce Mackie
Qld State President