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Update: Bargaining in Aurizon

The response the RTBU has received both online and in hard copy for the Aurizon bargaining survey has been considerable.

Responses have been well thought out and detailed however the results won’t be collated until all members have had a chance to return a response. Nonetheless the early response is large which speaks well of members’ interest in the upcoming round.

It is anticipated the official commencement of bargaining will be soon.

We have had some very initial discussions about the logistics of bargaining, that is some of the matters which go to how the bargaining process might occur. They haven’t been to deal with matters of substance as those discussions will commence in the coming weeks.

There are many unknowns just at the moment which will become clearer once the process commences. The Union office has naturally done some homework on how we would like to support bargaining and one point we have resolved is that this round will see a greater level of communication than previous rounds.

We are keen to us the new communication channels available to us such as Facebook, email, etc. We also want to strengthen our more traditional communication methods such as circulars and face to face meetings. The RTBU is always open to feedback on how this can be done better and if you have any ideas to share send them back with your survey or drop us a line.

Please make sure you have your say by completing the survey – you can find it at www.rtbu.com.au

Unit is Strength

Bruce Mackie
Qld State President