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QR Transfer to a Statutory Authority

15 April 2013

Members would have read the statements from the Minister and Chief Executive Officer of the Qld Governments intention to change the status of Queensland Rail.

They have announced that Queensland Rail is to move from being a Government Owned Enterprise to a Statutory Authority. This occurred with no notice and little fanfare.

Many members are asking what effect this will have on their conditions of employment and for some, how it will effect bargaining that is soon to begin.

The RTBU is gaining legal advice now to get to the bottom of the legalities of the situation so we can provide further accurate advice. The RTBU will also seek a meeting with the Minister for Transport to gain some assurances over the future for members.

Members can rest assured that protection of your conditions of employment is our number one priority. There is a lot of factors to consider, not least of which the legislation that will be created to make this change occur. We will provide further advice as it comes to hand.

For members considering the ramifications of this decision on bargaining, itís worth remembering that we have been effective in negotiating on behalf of members in all types of industrial systems for our over 125 year history. Whatever the outcome of this process, your Union will adapt to do what we do best: represent membersí interests first, above all others.

Unity is Strength

Owen Doogan
State Secretary
Queensland Branch