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Multi sign-on Dispute: Moranbah

29 April 2013

I refer you to newsletters regarding the Multi sign-on dispute at Moranbah.

Following a Fair Work conciliation held in Moranbah on 15 April 2013, Aurizon put forward a proposal that included some concessions, however, this proposal ultimately saw the introduction of Multi sign-on points between Moranbah and Coppabella.

The RTBU committed at conciliation to put this proposal to our membership at Moranbah for consideration. During the last 14 days I have had an overwhelming amount of emails from our members in Moranbah rejecting the proposal put forward by Aurizon.

Aurizon continued to raise in conciliation concerns for future workloads of the depot and whilst the vast amount of Traincrew at the hearing put forward their clear willingness to work with Aurizon on alternatives as long as it did not contain Multi sign-on points the future of this dispute now lies with Aurizon.

Should Aurizon try to implement Multi sign-on points , then the RTBU will seek arbitration on the matter.

The RTBU position is very clear. The current Traincrew Agreement has clauses that reflect driving between depots and this is the clauses that should apply
Members will be kept up-to-date on further developments.

Unity is Strength

Bruce Mackie
Qld State President