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Bargaining in Aurizon: Members Update

17 May 2013

Members would be aware that the RTBU and other rail Unions met with Aurizon yesterday as part of the ongoing process making arrangement for replacement workplace agreements ahead of the expiry of the current enterprise agreement in December 2013.
Management had previously provided to Unions and a number of Union Delegates what amounts to their log of claims for this bargaining round.

Importantly though, Unions have put forward the view that maintenance and betterment of current conditions is a fundamental point and in the first instance we need to, as we would normally do, determine the number of agreements going forward that we would be negotiating and then commence negotiations in that way. The RTBU reached agreement that discussions on the preliminary matters proceeding formal negotiation would recommence as normal on 27th and that Aurizon would not distribute their proposal or in effect their log of claims until that time. During the period Unions will finalise the logs of claims ideas and suggestions that have been put forward by the workforce so that we can provide that to Management when we next meet.

Members will understand that this is a long process; agreements donít expire until December 2013 and in these initial stages much of the discussion is about the logistics or arrangements that are made around bargaining. The RTBU has involved a number of Delegates in discussion and consultation over a number of matters and we intend as the determinations are made as to the numbers of agreements to then properly involve more Delegates in consultative and deliberative arrangements.

In the meantime members are still able to, if they havenít already, provide feedback by way of completing one of the online surveys or faxing or emailing back one of the hardcopy surveys to make sure your voice is heard. So far RTBU has been inundated with both online and hardcopy survey responses which is a healthy sign particularly at this early stage and we expect that using new improved and more versatile means of communication we will be able to make sure that members views are sought and expressed in a better way than has been previously available to us.

Unity is Strength

Owen Doogan
State Secretary