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COMBINED UNION: Aurizon Bargaining Update

Rail unions have met with Aurizon management on a few occasions. So far the key issue of how many agreements there will be in the future has been the only issue actively discussed in any detail.

Aurizon management have outlined their position on how they see the Agreements looking in the future and thereís no question itís certainly a long way from what Rail Union members have as a starting position. We are yet to discuss any of the detail on key matters of wages and conditions for some important reasons.

It might not seem so obvious, but unless we first determine how many agreements there are to be: itís impossible to bargain effectively and get the right workplace delegates involved. There are also some legal reasons which require us to settle the number of agreements first.

Another important reason is because we need to bring to you the log of claims for some consideration. Itís been compiled from the feedback weíve received from members in surveys, meetings and other means. We compiled it to be a joint union log and itís now time we brought it around to meeting of members for consideration.

Youíll find that itís a comprehensive document. Logs of claim have a legal purpose but they also are the key means for members to raise issues important to them and get them on the bargaining table. No doubt we wonít achieve everything but the rail unions believe strongly that if you have raised an issue we are bound to ensure the log of claims covers it.

Soon you will receive a meeting notice. The meetings will be for joint rail union members meetings. They will hear from your representatives and get a briefing on the negotiations. You will see the log of claims and get a chance to have your say. There will be a chance for question and answer sessions and we will do our best to compile the most common questions and make them available for members. That way, if you canít make it to your local meeting or if someone has a good question in one part of the state: you wonít miss out.

Donít forget: this is a long process. Agreements donít expire until the end of the year. Whilst it feels like itís rapidly approaching at this time of year we still have six months before our current agreements expire.

Please look out for your local meeting and make every effort to attend.

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