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Standing up for Queensland

Itís a good day to think about Standing up for Queensland

As workplace discussions will be carried out right across Queensland today a lot are based on Suncorp stadium tonight, at the same time many commuters arrived at work this morning dressed in Jerseys in both Maroon and Blue, either way itís great to see people getting passionate about friendly rivalry between states, but take a moment to consider the state that QLD is in at the moment.

Itís also a good time to think about standing up for Queensland.

The Campaign to Stand for Queensland marches on

The message needs to be sent to the current government. It makes no sense to privatise essential services.

Government services such as health, education, transport and electricity. These are the services our families rely on Ė the nurses, doctors and paramedics that take care of the sick, young and elderly, the teachers and school staff that have lifelong impact on our children, the workers that get the power back on after natural disasters and the trains, buses and ferries that get us to and from work safely and reliably.

Queenslanders have a reputation for standing together to build a better society.

Communities are coming together across Queensland to take a stand against Campbell Newmanís extreme agenda to privatise government services.

Your Union has been active from the outset, contributing financially and working tirelessly with the Queensland Council of Unions on the ďStand for QueenslandĒ Campaign.

The RTBU has representatives on the steering committee of the QCU led campaign.
All Organisers are involved right across Queensland at a variety of Campaign actions.
Two Brisbane based Organisers are working on the Campaign Working Committee.
Many RTBU members were recently involved in a public hand out of information at many locations across Brisbane.
Many Retired members have been active in their community raising the profile of the Stand for Queensland Campaign.

This is a very important Campaign not only for today but for the future of services for the next generation. Itís time to Stand for Queensland.

The next move is yours, this is a public community campaign and the more we grow in the community the louder the message gets, itís time to get involved.

Members are encouraged to visit www.standforqld.com.au.

This website outlines many activities that are being carried out and many ways you can contribute.

So on a day when many members are cheering for Queensland, take a moment and think about taking a stand for Queensland as well.

Unity is Strength

Bruce Mackie
Qld State President