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Payroll Issues at Aurizon

9 July 2013

Over a considerable period of time I have had calls from members about payroll issues, in particular non-payment of overtime worked and allowances not being paid for a variety of reasons.

Whilst ever since I can remember there has always been the odd hiccup in payroll, the amount of instances being reported is well in excess of the odd hiccup.

In short, you have an expectation and a right to be paid for all work performed in the pay fortnight on your scheduled pay day and whist there always will be the odd anomaly, given the amount of reports I am getting it would appear that there is a problem.

I fully intend to raise the matter with Aurizon management but need your assistance to gather the facts.

If you have not been paid correctly in a pay fortnight, would you please take a moment to send me an email, outlining what you have not been paid, times, dates and allowances etc so as I may gain a better understanding of how wide spread the issue is.

Please send your email to bruce.mackie@rtbu.com.au with the subject title “payroll issues”.

Once I have been able to collect sufficient data, I will then seek to resolve the matter with Aurizon management.

Unity is Strength

Bruce Mackie
Qld State President
Central Division Organiser, Sarina