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Bargaining Update

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Bargaining with Aurizon is progressing but the volume of changes Aurizon is seeking makes it a difficult process.

Following our appearance in the Fair Work Commission we were tasked with isolating and negotiating the Core Conditions.

Like many negotiations the initial stages are about logistics and resolving the way issues will be handled over the course of negotiations. Its also the fact that there are currently a large number of agreements with differences ranging from subtle to enormous in any given condition of employment.

Given we are dealing specifically with the conditions that apply to everyone across the board, we are being careful to consider the ramifications of each clause against the current wording as you would expect us to. We expect that it will be some time before the core conditions are finalised and the final number of agreements, and the basis on which they will be made, are determined.

Members are reminded your current agreements will continue to apply even after they expire on 31 December 2013. A replacement agreement will only commence after Members vote yes on the ballot. It is, naturally, our desire to have replacement agreements to recommend to Members before the expiry of the Agreements.

Management have made clear that they are seeking large scale changes to your current terms and conditions of work. Weve made it equally clear that Members have provided loyal service to the company and expect that in return they will be rewarded with a fair set of conditions, decent pay, and a safe job.

Negotiations continue in the coming weeks and we will provide further updates.

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