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Aurizon Employee's Rail Passes

16 September 2013

Those who have been provided with 25 years’ service passes over the last couple of years will note that the expiry date has always lined up with the nominal end date of your current Enterprise Agreement, 31 December 2013.

Aurizon has at all times maintained that the issuing and provision of passes is the responsibility of the service provider, that being Queensland Rail who control all passenger business.

The RTBU has been pursuing Queensland Rail to confirm that Aurizon workers would be treated the same way as any other person who has qualified for the pass whether remaining employed by QR or not.

On Friday the RTBU was astounded to learn that not only was QR intending to deny this entitlement to Aurizon (QR National) workers past and present but indicated that they were not prepared to enter into any further discussion or communication on this matter. Internal advice from within QR is that this issue has been with the Chief Executive for some time. It is quite possible that this would have also been at Queensland Government ministerial level during this period.

The RTBU considers it a disgrace that the then QRN employees who, through no choice of their own, ended up in a part of the business that was separated from Queensland Rail through privatisation will be denied a right that all other ex-Queensland Rail employees with excess of 25 years’ service are provided with.

For instance an employee with 25 years’ service who leaves QR and joins Pacific National or any other rail company will be entitled to retain their 25 year pass. This also goes for such employees who retire or go and work for any other business.

Only those workers who were subjected to privatisation by a decision of the then Queensland Government are now being denied access to 25 year passes by an instrumentality of the current Queensland Government.

The RTBU would encourage members in State LNP electorates to approach their local member seeking an explanation why they should be treated differently to every other Queenslander who qualifies through service with QR.

In the meantime, the RTBU is currently exploring what legal options may be available to try and resolve this issue on your behalf.

Yours in Unity

Owen Doogan
State Secretary
Queensland Branch