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Combined Unions Circular

Some members might have noticed a bit of activity in the workplace and through company
information channels dealing with the Agreement.

Rail unions have been negotiating on terms and conditions of employment as reported in previous circulars. There are still a large number of issues that remain to be discussed, so you could be forgiven for being confused as to what the company sales pitch is all about.

Aurizon have now provided various pamphlets and copies of the Agreements they are proposing. Itís what we might otherwise call a log of claims. There have been a number of changes made since the last proposal and they have included pay rates which for some will look potentially impressive.

Rail Unions and importantly workplace delegates are looking closely at whatís been proposed. Like many things in life itís all about the detail and critically: not only whatís in proposalĖ but what isnít in there compared to your current agreements.

Naturally Aurizon has to be about looking after their shareholders and is legally obliged to do their best to try get agreements that suit them. No-one should be too surprised that Aurizon are your new best friend with a sales pitch around the proposals showing the good points.

Rail Unions see this as an increasingly common tactic from large companies and donít think anyone will simply believe the company log of claims and accompanying sales pitch is much more than that.

We are firmly of the view that itís our job to do the best for our shareholders Ė you the members.

Rail Union Officials, in consultation with delegates, will therefore look closely at whatís been proposed and consider it carefully to assess how it would affect members across the operation. We will do this and report back shortly so you get the full picture.

Rail Unions think that your terms and conditions of employment, the first to be negotiated in an aggressive privatised company cannot be rushed. Itís an important Agreement and one we need to ensure is right.

We urge you to look at the material you receive, consider how the various provisions might affect you and give feedback to your workplace delegate and the company. Weíll provide a summary of whatís proposed in the coming days.