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QR Arrangements for the Christmas & New Year


I refer members to the RTBU newsletter on the above matter dated 11 November 2013. Following the RTBU approach to Queensland Rail, I met with HR Management and the CEO, Glen Dawe, this afternoon to discuss this matter.

It was recognised that this day is not contained in any Agreements or Awards unlike the 5 week leave entitlement for shift work referred to in the QR Newsletter on this matter.

As was the RTBU’s expectation the change in differentiating between shift workers and non-shift workers emanated from the State Government Public Sector Commission as a result of QR now being a Statutory Authority.

I advised Queensland Rail that the 5 week’s leave received by shift workers was not related to the additional day off at Christmas and that the 4 week’s leave for non-shift workers and 5 week’s leave for shift workers were longstanding Award and, subsequently, Agreement conditions. The additional day which goes back generations of QR workers was provided to all QR employees.

The outcome of the meeting was that the Chief Executive indicated he would explore some avenues relating to this matter and provide it with further consideration. It should be understood that, at this stage, no definite commitment has been provided that this additional day’s leave will be re-instated for shift workers.

The CEO will provide the RTBU with a response following his further investigations and deliberation in the near future.

I will keep members advised of all developments relating to this matter.

Unity is Strength

Owen Doogan
State Secretary
Queensland Branch