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Carla Jones, Industrial & Women's Officer

Industrial & Women's Officer

Carla Jones LLB is a New Zealand born Queenslander.

Carla graduated from the University of Canterbury with a Bachelor of Laws in 2007 and immediately began working for a former union official in a private capacity dealing solely in employment law. In this role she represented mainly individuals who had been treated poorly by their employers.

Carla says that although she’s acted for a small number of employer clients in her former role, she finds acting for employees much more satisfying “because their matters are more of a challenge to win.”

Carla started out in Brisbane working for United Voice (formerly the LHMU) in mid-2011 and came to the RTBU in April of 2012.

Although industrial law was not part of Carla’s role in New Zealand, she has picked it up quickly and enjoys it almost as much as a good individual matter.

Carla says she does what she does because she has the confidence to speak on behalf of others who lack the ability to do so safely where their employers are involved.

Carla thinks the members of the RTBU are a fantastic bunch of people.

In her spare time Carla enjoys swimming, scuba diving and taking long Sunday car trips to places she’s never been before.