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Negotiations: 2014 Enterprise Agreements

Negotiations on the 2014 Aurizon Enterprise Agreements recommenced today after the Christmas break.

Unions were far from happy with the progress to date and in an attempt to get things moving in an efficient and professional manner proposed that negotiations occur on separate Agreements.

Whilst this was not the outcome achieved at this point a compromise put forward by the Unions was that seven sets of negotiations occur at the same time over the next couple of months.

In addition to the continuation of the Core negotiations, the 6 additional groups of negotiations proposed involve over 40 Union delegates representing the following broad workgroups.

Administrative, Professional and Technical
Network Control
Rollingstock Maintenance/RACS; and

Unions proposed that these negotiations run concurrently so that we could get the separate group matters squared away before arguing over how many agreements to put the terms of each group into as well as speeding up the process.

However, Aurizon were unable to provide a negotiating team for each of these areas and have said that they are only able to divide their current negotiating team into 2 groups.

The outcome is that Unions have reluctantly accepted Managementís compromise that rather than all 6 sets of negotiations occurring each week that these negotiations will be spread over approximately 3 week periods, with the Core negotiations continuing throughout.

This will mean that, although the negotiations will not be concluded as quickly as we would have liked, they will be moving along faster than what Aurizon would have had them moving had they maintained their original position of maintaining only one negotiating team.

We have further put Aurizon on notice that because it is, in effect, them who are extending the negotiations that we would expect that the quantum of eventual pay increases to be reflective of the potential time delays in settlement as a result of this restriction on negotiations.

The expanded negotiations will commence on Monday 27 January and regular updates on progress will be provided to members.

Unity is Strength

Owen Doogan
State Secretary
Queensland Branch