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Aurizon Seeks Termination of All Current Agreements

This morning (Monday, 12 May 2014), the RTBU received a phone call from a Manager within Aurizon who advised that an application was being submitted to the Fair Work Commission seeking to terminate all Aurizonís current Agreements in Queensland.

Members will be aware that the normal expiry date for these Agreements was 31 December 2013. However, Agreements remain in force until new Agreements can be negotiated to replace them. The action taken by Aurizon is very unusual to say the least and the RTBU is currently seeking opinion on this matter. However, it appears that this type of tactic is highly likely to be unsuccessful.

The RTBU had written to Aurizon last week yet again seeking that they return to meaningful negotiations. That this is the response certainly paints a picture of how serious this Company is about seeking a negotiated outcome.

The RTBU will convene a meeting of Rail Unions today to discuss this matter further. I will ensure members are kept up to date with all developments in this respect.

Unity is Strength

Owen Doogan
State Secretary
Queensland Branch