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QR EA Bargaining Commences

Bargaining with QR commenced this week regarding all membersí Agreements (with the exception of Traincrew, which occurred last year), with discussions focusing on logistical matters setting the scene for the proper negotiation of key issues.

QR provided us with a list of their log of claims (which appears to be a lengthy ambit wish list) across all areas rather than separating them into specific Agreement areas as has occurred in the past. It therefore is in some ways confusing and we are now in negotiations to clarify their position particularly relating to the core issues they wish to pursue.

This is not an unusual practise except the administrative method of putting everything as one.

Whilst at this stage the necessary preliminary issues of a logistical nature have occurred the serious negotiations will be occurring over the next few weeks.

The difference with this round of bargaining isnít necessarily that the normal over the top claims are initially made, itís the format. The manner in which negotiations will proceed are somewhat different because of the legislation changes and time frames therein.

Donít forget though Ė the primary aim of Your Union is to make sure youíre no worse off compared to the current agreement, and hopefully gain some improvements. In this set of negotiations and in the context of a State Government thatís exercising a massive majority most members are looking to maintain protections into new agreements.

As concrete issues emerge in the negotiations, both positively addressed or still in dispute, further updates will be provided in the regular newsletters the RTBU will be producing during these negotiations.

Unity is Strength

Owen Doogan
State Secretary
Queensland Branch