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Aurizon's Application to Terminate Enterprise Agreements

I refer members to RTBU circulars dated 12 May, 23 May and 5 June in respect of the above matter.

I am sure members are fully aware from the above correspondence and other communication including the state wide meetings recently conducted by this Union, that Aurizon is hell bent on trying to remove your conditions through stealth rather than participating sincerely in negotiations to try and reach agreement in the traditional manner.

The current legal situation is that the applications came before the courts on 10 June in Melbourne where the matter was presided over by the President of Fair Work Commission.

The RTBU National legal team in consultation with the Qld Branch discussed representation at the hearing in Melbourne and determined given the seriousness of the issue it was appropriate for our solicitors to brief counsel to represent us at the Fair Work hearing.

Aurizon was unsuccessful in their attempt to have two separate matters being addressed at the same time and the President has referred both matters to the full bench for their consideration on the progression of this issue.

At this point, the directions hearing by the full bench has not been determined and the Presidentís written decision has not yet been published.

Regardless of the above, the RTBU and other rail unions will be seeking further negotiations with Aurizon in order to try and progress the appropriate actions that should occur at this stage of a negotiation process.

I will advise members further once we have more information about of the progression of the application for termination before the Fair Work Commission.

Unity is Strength

Owen Doogan
State Secretary
Qld Branch