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Bargaining Rollingstock

Negotiations in Rollingstock Maintenance kicked off this week with delegates considering the proposals put by management and working through the current agreement in part.

There was agreement reached on the need to clean up some of the definitions for clarity.

The initial phase of the negotiation proceeded more quickly than previous rounds and further discussion needs to occur as to how the next phase of bargaining will occur once the occupational groups have all had an opportunity to meet for the first time.

The last round of initial discussions will occur in mid-July. We will continue providing updates as each set of discussions occur so that all members are aware of the progress.

The big change for this round of negotiations is of course, the environment they are happening in.

We have witnessed some of the most radical changes in workplace laws occurring just prior to our bargaining. The same laws affect people in other areas of government such as nurses and teachers. These laws are so radical we’ve not seen anything so severe for decades. They’re hurting families the length and breadth of Queensland.

Campbell Newman has changed the laws we work under for the worse. By doing that he broke his promise to not disadvantage people and it’s appalling.

To make matters worse wasting taxpayers’ money, putting advertisements on the TV and in the paper, the Newman Government is selling the attack on workplace laws as some sort of virtue.

Despite the obstacles, Unions intend to navigate them with members as best as possible to protect as many existing rights as possible. There are a lot of risks and problems we will face as the process continues.

It’s our intention to continue negotiating in an attempt to come up with agreements that suit members, provide reasonable protections and fair wages.

We will keep you updated as the process continues.

Unity is Strength

Owen Doogan
State Secretary
Qld Branch