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Aurizon Safety Incident

Last week the RTBU was notified of a second incident of non-qualified or non-competent personnel on Locomotives in the Brisbane network. The second incident was logged by Aurizon staff on the internal incident reporting system. The second incident involved a non-competent person driving a Locomotive on the 16 June, a serious breach of the Rail Safety Act.

The RTBU was shocked to learn that no investigation into the alleged incidents had been carried out despite safety being their priority, according to the Aurizon CEO.

Members would know of numerous individuals that have been dismissed for minor safety misdemeanours. Members would also not surprised to know that management were involved in both incidents, but an investigation did not occur until the RTBU intervened. Suddenly the matter is being investigated.

Aurizon has preached safety as its priority to all who will listen, but members have constantly told their Union that it becomes secondary when it interferes with business needs until something goes wrong. Then it is the employees who are disciplined or dismissed for not following proper safety procedures.

Members believe that this highlights the hypocrisy of Aurizon Management when, at the same location, a Rail Operator was dismissed for failing to look when crossing rails. However, the same Management failed to act on the above mentioned incident report. There certainly appears to be a case of double standards here.

Members will be kept informed of further developments.

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