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Aurizon Safety Incident Update

Today the RTBU meet with Aurizon safety management over the above matter reported to members in Circular #21.

It would not surprise members to learn that management have not taken the safety breach as seriously as if it had been a frontline operations member.

It has been revealed that the accreditation of the individual involved expired on 31 March 2014, but management did not see this as significant in terms of safety. So much for the Aurizon so called safety culture.

The RTBU is sure there are numerous ex-employees wished this team had the same attitude when investigating their safety breaches as they may still be employed by Aurizon.

What was so bewildering at this meeting was that the local management have either not been approached by the Aurizon investigators or have misinformed them on those involved in this incident as they understood that there was a tutor or route tutor participating in the operation of the locomotive. The RTBU is reliably informed that this was not the case.

It looks as if what certainly appears to be a breach of the Rail Safety Act is not being taken seriously by Aurizon.

The RTBU believes that the MOC process is an important safety tool for the maintenance of skills and training for rail safety workers which is why this Union has been a part of the AQF process supporting the re-accreditation of workers.

The RTBU will continue to pursue this matter and will not allow it to be swept under the carpet by Aurizon.

Members will be kept informed of further developments.

Unity is Strength

Owen Doogan
State Secretary
Qld Branch