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The "Get Real" Campaign: Aurizon it's time to get real

I refer members to recent newsletters where Your Union started putting together the basis for a campaign calling on Aurizon to “Get Real”.

For too long Aurizon has remained fixed that they want to remove critical conditions of employment and protections. They’ve complained that Your Union won’t agree to cut your conditions – that we’ve stood firm on ensuring members don’t go backwards.

Aurizon have seen fit to brief top end of town lawyers to run a case in Fair Work Australia to terminate your current agreements. It’s all about putting pressure on you to make big concessions in the current talks.

It’s time we started to put pressure back on Aurizon to Get Real.

We have had a huge response from members updating their details. THIS IS URGENT and IMPORTANT, we will need to ensure that the lines of communication remain open as the campaign heats up. That’s why we are asking you to update your details urgently with the Union. If we don’t have up to date information for you – we can’t send you important information. It’s that simple.

We’ve made it easy for you to update your details. You can complete the details below and return them to the RTBU in any way that’s convenient – fax, mail or email.

You can also visit our website at www.rtbu.com.au and follow the links to update your details there. It’s easy and only takes a minute.

It all might sound like more paperwork, but it’s important. We’re gearing up to let Aurizon know that they have to Get Real about the next workplace deal. You deserve better. Let’s make sure your voice is heard.

The next step

Joint Unions have been discussing the next step in the campaign and the RTBU will be holding a series of briefing sessions via phone hook-ups with Delegates and Activists seeking input.

I assure you, Your Union is just as frustrated with Aurizon as you are, but this is their plan and we have known that for some time. Today’s legislation demands that we do certain things at certain times and we are winding up to achieve this but we still believe the way forward is to negotiate. Let’s get back into a room and negotiate a fair deal for Aurizon workers. IT’S TIME to “GET REAL”.

In the meantime, please ask your workmates “have you updated your details with the RTBU”?

Unity is Strength

Bruce Mackie
Acting State Secretary

Update your details - Whether you’ve changed job, moved house, switched bank account or mobile number, the RTBU will need to know.

To update your details, please complete the form.