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While the Premier, Transport Minister and their advisors put on a media stunt over the great work Queensland Rail workers have done to improve the on time performance within the suburban network, Unions were meeting with Queensland Rail to discuss the unprecedented attack on your conditions and earning capacity directed by the very same elected officials.

The hypocrisy is not lost on Queensland Rail workers where these elected officials have received a massive pay increase with no change to their working conditions, but they are demanding that you lose thousands of dollars in wages and all your previously hard fought and won conditions. This is of course on top of the stripping of employment security provisions they removed by legislative changes.

Queensland Rail has indicated that they get their direction from the Newman Government regarding the desired outcome. And with legislation on their side, despite the offers of a percentage increase, they seem determined to strip all your conditions, penalties and allowances. Queensland Rail workers are facing a real wage cut and a reduction in working conditions unprecedented in modern history.

Your Union has asked to negotiate a fair and balanced agreement but from the rhetoric, that we have received, we are concerned that Queensland Rail is not able to follow this principle due to the demands of the Newman Government.

In following their master’s directions Queensland Rail have today fired a volley in the pursuit of stripping your wages and conditions. In correspondence just received from the CEO, Queensland Rail have advised that they intend to seek the assistance of a third party and will be lodging an application for conciliation with the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC).

This introduces strict legislated timeframes which essentially takes the negotiations out of our hands and places the final product in the hands of the QIRC.

As you will be aware, the Newman Government’s legislative changes have waged war on worker’s conditions in the public service, including Police, Fire and Ambulance Officers. All of these State employees are feeling the wrath of this Government and it would seem that it is now your turn.

Your Union will continue to advocate for a Fair Deal for Queensland Rail workers.

Yesterday’s media stunts only reinforce the Newman Government’s willingness to ride on the worker’s back, whilst showing contempt for real wages for them.

Yours in Unity

Bruce Mackie
Acting State Secretary