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Medical Release Forms

Some of you may recall that the RTBU provided a medical release form for your use should your employer ever want to access your medical records for any reason.

Aurizon initially began accepting our forms as a legitimate medical release but have recently decided that they will not accept them.

Our concern with the Aurizon provided form is that it initially did not have any restriction on the amount of information that they could gather from your healthcare provider. Effectively you were consenting to providing Aurizon with your entire medical history if they so desired access to it.

Just yesterday we were provided with a slightly different version of the form which does allow you to define and restrict access to information to a particular ailment or injury.

The RTBU is accepting of this form but wishes to advise its members that they need to be wary of what they are signing. It is possible that a Manager may provide you with the older version of the form or they may simply not be aware that the form has been amended.

Please ensure that before you sign any medical release authority form that it states that the consent you’re providing is restricted to a particular medical condition – otherwise you’re effectively signing over your entire medical history. Also, when you fill it out, if it pertains to an injury or singular event, ensure that you identify the date of the injury, e.g. “my broken leg which occurred on 09/03/2013”.

The Aurizon form approved by the RTBU contains the following section:

“My consent for exchange of medical information as detailed above, is limited to the following medical condition/s _____________________________________________________________________________________________”

If you have any questions, please contact your local Delegate or Organiser.

Unity is Strength

Owen Doogan
State Secretary