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Update: Aurizon Enterprise Bargaining

The results from the recent ballot for three Aurizon Agreements (see below) should come as a huge concern for Aurizon management.

On the one hand they have been sent the clearest message yet from two combination of areas with record no votes being recorded for the proposed Traincrew and Ops, and the Construction and Maintenance Agreements.

Of course the RBTU will be seeking meaningful negotiations to commence immediately and for Aurizon to get real with negotiations now they’ve played their games.

The result for the Staff Agreement should be troubling for Aurizon, but for other reasons. The vote had the agreement passed by the narrowest of margins. This is the worst possible vote for everyone. It means the workforce is divided which is something not seen very often before – if ever. In fact the 463 (51% of those who voted) is barely 33% of the 1400 or so Aurizon claims are covered by the Agreement.

Providing an agreement which squeaks over the line means that management have not been prepared to reach a deal suitable to the vast majority. There have been numerous concerns about what this means for morale and other issues which directly affect productivity.

Members across the operation have expressed concerns about a number of matters relating to the process and we are checking them out closely.

In the Traincrew and Operations, along with the Construction and Maintenance area Aurizon have clearly failed to sell their vision of a spiral to the bottom for conditions. Members have sent a message which cannot be ignored.

Watch this space for further developments in bargaining and further steps in the campaign for a fairer deal.

Outcome of Aurizon Ballots

Traincrew & Transport Operation
For 77; Against 1,389
Construction & Maintenance
For 206; Against 1,064
Staff Agreement
For 463; Against 433

Unity is Strength

Owen Doogan
State Secretary
Qld Branch