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QR Road Show 2014

The Queensland Rail proposed agreement road show began this morning. The agreement is now available on the Queensland Rail portal for employees to read through in its entirety.

If you’re less inclined to read the whole agreement but still care about what this agreement means for you, we strongly encourage you to read the Statement of Agreed Facts (below) which is a combined document that Queensland Rail and the Rail Unions have put together. This has been endorsed by Deputy President Kaufman of the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission.

Please read this document carefully. It is broken into two main sections- the first of which will tell you how the “common” part of the agreement will work. The common part of the agreement applies to everyone, irrespective of which area they work in. The second part of the agreement is broken up into the specific work groups. You should scan this part to find your work area and see what conditions you will retain and what conditions will change if the agreement is adopted by way of a ‘yes’ vote by employees.

The RTBU will be in attendance at all of the scheduled road show meetings and we encourage you to attend one when they come to your area.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Unity is Strength

Owen Doogan
State Secretary
Queensland Branch

Statement of Agreed Facts - QR Circular (20/10/2014)