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Half Staff Day Returned for Shift-Workers

Members may be aware that QR announced earlier this month that the half-staff day would continue for those employees in receipt of four weeks leave but would be withdrawn from those employees, predominantly shift workers, who receive five weeks leave.

This was an issue of great concern to many RTBU members and the difficulty we have with this particular provision is that it does not exist in any agreements or awards and therefore can be withdrawn by the employer.

I therefore sought a meeting with the Queensland Rail CEO, Helen Gluer, in order to discuss this matter and I am pleased to say the CEO agreed to provide further consideration to the matter.

I am now pleased to be in a position to advise that yesterday evening the CEO confirmed to me that QR is prepared to return the half-staff day arrangements to those which previously existed. That means that shift workers and other employees on five weeks annual leave will continue to have their half-staff day in 2014.

I was also advised that the terms surrounding the half-staff day in future will be considered on a year to year basis.

Unity is Strength
Owen Doogan
RTBU State Secretary
Queensland Branch