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The RTBU is a foundation member of the Alliance, which brings together unions, faith organisations and community organisations to hold decision makers accountable for policy and actions that affect people in our communities.

Community Alliance have been becoming an important force in society in many countries around the world and the idea first emerged in Sydney when the Sydney Alliance formed in 2005. It is now well established and now achieving some successes.

Trust and respect amongst the various often divergent groups involved is an essential element of success for structured Community Alliances. That has to be built before there is any chance of gaining any outcomes to benefit society. This cannot be a political body and has to be separate from all political parties in order to play a role in ensuring accountability of these parties when coming to power.

The Alliance in Queensland has been growing from its infancy where a hand full of Unions, including the RTBU in Queensland commenced with nothing more than an idea to a body that now has several more unions and dozens of church and community bodies signed up to it.

It has still a long way to go but it has great potential to assist in improving society and protecting people therein.

This organisation is not about having a union, church or other bureaucracy being the head of it. It is about union members and members of other groups in society getting together and identifying issues they all feel strongly about, then lobbying strongly and constructively to do something about them.

The annual Alliance Assembly is a fantastic opportunity to be part of the Queensland Community Alliance in action. Last year 280 people attended the inaugural Assembly and this year we expect at least double that. Come and join hundreds of other Queenslanders ready to work for the common good.

To RSVP to this event call 38394988 and ask for Annie Humphries and she will RSVP for you.

When: Wednesday, 29 October from 5.30pm for 6.00pm start; finishes at 7.30pm

Where: St Marks Catholic College School Hall, 92 Lilac Street, Inala Google Map for directions

Invite colleagues, friends and family (click the links below to view a video from last years assembly and to RSVP).

In Unity

View the 2013 Assembly here
RSVP to the event here