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2014 RTBU Qld Branch Elections: Please Vote

I refer members to Circular #38 (see link below) on the above matter. Ballot papers for the Union elections are now in the mail and financial members should receive them today or tomorrow.

In the interests of democracy within this Union, I strongly encourage members to examine the ballot papers you receive and have your say by casting a vote.

Please note that the order of candidates below is based on the order in which they will appear on your ballot papers following a draw conducted by the Australian Electoral Commission.

You do not get a vote for all the positions listed below. The ballot paper you get relates primarily to your division, location, grade, etc. Some members will only receive the ballot paper for the position of Branch Secretary as the other positions pertaining to their area have candidates elected unopposed.

It should also be noted that elections pertaining to members in the Tram and Bus Division will be workplace ballots on 20th November.

Unity is Strength
Bruce Mackie
Qld State President

Order of Candidates following a draw conducted by AEC
Circular #38 - 2014 RTBU Qld Branch Elections