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Termination of Agreements Case - Day One

Aurizonís case, seeking to cancel your agreements commenced yesterday, with some interesting statements made. Despite the battalions of lawyers Aurizon have engaged to try to take you back to the award they didnít appear to have done their homework. In response to questions about why they needed more flexible arrangements, around shift brought forward and shift deferred, for instance, (or in other words arrangements that would require you to come to work and change your roster within a matter of hours with very little notice), they didnít seem to have any idea of just how often they had a need for that to happen. They appear to want the flexibility but they just donít really know why they need it at the moment.

Thatís just not good enough. If they are going to be seeking to disrupt peopleís lives youíd think they would have done their homework to ensure they knew why they needed it.

They started the day saying that no industrial action had been taken or was proposed even though we had made our application for a protected action ballot for industrial action the day before. It begs the question whether Aurizon management are talking to their lawyers. Later in the day, at least, it seems some discussion had occurred in answer to questions they finally admitted they had in fact received that application some 24 hours before and had by that stage spoken to their lawyers. They did in submissions concede what was known right from the start. Industrial action is a lawful and normal part of bargaining, occurs every day, so it should come as no surprise to Aurizon that finally the RTBU has commenced an industrial campaign.

Protected Industrial Action Ballot

I am pleased to advise that yesterday evening Fair Work Australia issued Orders for the ballot for protected industrial action applied for by the RTBU to proceed and be completed by 25 November 2014.

The RTBU will keep members up to date on progress with the ballot and the events occurring at the Fair Work Termination of Agreements Hearing.

Unity is Strenght
Owen Doogan
State Secretary