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Termination of Agreements Case - Day 4

Yesterday we saw evidence from economic experts including the RTBU witness from BIS Shrapnel one of Australia's leading business advisory firms highlighting the growth in profits and the improved operating costs that have all been achieved under the existing Agreements.

The position of Aurizon is that they are in a market to which they’re the dominant operator with more than 50% of their existing contracts terminating after 2024 and they need to protect the company from Pacific National which pays its employees more by paying you less.

In the same breath Aurizon has increased its executive salaries to obscene levels and raised its profit margin after tax.

The view of the economists is that the proposal by Aurizon would be the catalyst for all operators to call for the termination of agreements at their expiration if Aurizon was successful in the application.

During questions, in the afternoon session, the Barrister for Aurizon asked the economist if he was aware that Aurizon had shed some 2000 employees since separation, of which some 1935 had accepted voluntary redundancies. However he continued to question our witness over the 65 EIT’s who have chosen to remain with Aurizon and seek alternative opportunities both internally and externally before making a decision that affects them and their families. The cost to Aurizon for this is equivalent to the CEO’s wages, which according to Aurizon is unacceptable.

Aurizon, which is a multi-billion dollar company, will of course continue their attack on your wages and conditions with the massive reserves put aside to fund their legal team. Fortunately, the RTBU is not prepared to shrink from bearing the cost of looking after the interests of our members in this forum through utilising an excellent legal team in your defence.

Unity is Strength
Owen Doogan
State Secretary