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QR Agreements: Massive No Vote

With the exception of Traincrew and Station Staff areas, QR employees have recently voted on a draft agreement from QR management which did not have the support of the RTBU.

Today QR issued a notice to employees advising that QR didn’t secure a Yes vote for their agreement.

However, QR did not initially disclose precisely what percentage voted in favour and what percentage voted against.

I have just been informed by QR (3.30pm today) that:

80% of participants in the ballot voted NO
20% of participants in the ballot voted YES

This is a clear indication of the hostility amongst the workforce to the proposals given that only a “YES” case was presented to workers at over 70 meetings throughout the State.

This was because the Union had to give a commitment not to run a NO case in order that we could secure the right of workers to vote without compulsory arbitration being imposed, which would have taken that right away. Members have now been able to send a message about how they feel about the QR proposals.

The RTBU will be seeking QR to listen to their employees and reconsider the whole host of negative proposals contained in their draft Agreement. We believe a responsible employer has no moral grounds to continue to pursue many of the conditions in the draft Agreement.

The RTBU will keep members advised of all developments in respect of this matter.

Unity is Strength
Owen Doogan
State Secretary