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It's White Ribbon Day

The 25 November is White Ribbon Day. Itís a day when men say that violence against women is not okay.

We should be saying it every day.

On average, one woman per week is killed by her current or former partner in Australia. This is a disgusting statistic and one that we should be ashamed of. Hereís another- NSW reports an average of 74 domestic violence assaults per day.

The RTBU has worked closely with the former Domestic Violence Clearing House to study how domestic violence impacts people in work and to ensure that our members have access to special paid leave if they are victims of domestic violence.

The majority of our members are covered in the event that domestic violence affects their ability to attend work. Whether it be to attend a court hearing, to seek advice from a lawyer, to find alternative housing, to ensure that their children are safe or in the worst case, that they are unable to attend because of physical or emotional injuries.

Sadly, however, the stigma and the shame that is attached to domestic violence means that many people who have access to these rights, do not access them. Rather than admit that thereís something wrong at home, they exhaust their sick leave or annual leave. We can help you with this.

As the RTBUís Womenís Officer, I can make the application for domestic violence leave on your behalf.

If you or someone you know needs help with domestic violence and its impact in the workplace, please contact me directly.

If youíre a male who would like to pledge your support, please click the link below and swear the oath to never excuse or remain silent about violence against women.

What you can do:

Reject sexist attitudes, behaviours and language that create a culture in which violence is accepted
Respect women and treat them as your equals
Speak up and step up when you see or hear anyone using violence against women

Unity is Strength

Carla Jones
Industrial & Women's Officer

Let the world know where you stand - You can put a stop to violence against women. Don't be afraid to stand up.