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Dispute: Vote Yes Campaign

As you know the RTBU has organised for Aurizon members covered by two current Agreements to participate in a ballot to authorise protected industrial action under the relevant legislation, should such action be required. The feedback we have received is that there is an overwhelming desire for the RTBU to have this option as part of our arsenal during the negotiations.

The voting for the protected action ballot is now underway. The AEC advise that they sent out your postal ballot papers on the 25 November, so you should have them by now. If you donít, please let either us or the AEC know!

You have until 5pm, 10 December to have your ballots arrive at the AEC office. That means you have to account for posting times Ė which means donít delay! Get onto it now! If youíre at work and you havenít got your ballot papers with you, do one of the following immediately:

Tie a piece of string to your finger
Write a note on the back of your hand (not the front, it will rub off!) ďVOTE!Ē will suffice
Set a reminder in your phone to do it when you get home
Send yourself an email to your home address
Text your wife/ husband/ kids/ flatmate and tell them to put the ballot papers on the table so you donít forget
Tattoo a reminder to your forehead
Rush to the place where you put them and fill them out

If you have them with you Ė fill them out and post them. If you canít get to a post box, give your completed and sealed ballot papers to your RTBU delegate and theyíll post them for you.

Thereís no sense in delaying Ė just tick a box and get them in the post!

If we donít get at least 50% of those who received ballot papers to respond, the vote will be unsuccessful.

Donít be passive about your rights at work. If you want to have a say and you want to influence the company to get you a better deal, vote YES in the upcoming ballot.

Unity is Strength
Owen Doogan
State Secretary
Qld Branch