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Protection Action Ballot - RTBU Commends AFULE's Decision to Ballot their Members

The RTBU understands that the AFULE has now submitted an application for the right to ballot their members in respect of potential protected industrial action.

As members are aware the RTBU was keen for the AFULE to join in any potential industrial action campaign that is required as a result of the appalling intransigence alive in Aurizon management in respect to appropriate negotiations. The RTBU’s desire for unity in industrial campaigns across Unions is why the RTBU has been prepared to wait since back in March before embarking on the inevitable industrial pressure campaign on Aurizon.

The RTBU will seek as far as is possible to have a joint position with the AFULE in respect of an industrial campaign given that Train Crew regardless of their Union clearly understands that the opponent at this point is Aurizon, particularly given the obstacles they have put in the way of parties achieving a mutually acceptable agreement.

I will keep members up to date with all developments.

Unity is Strength

Owen Doogan
RTBU State Secretary,
Queensland Branch